Who is Solyvilla?

Welcome to Solyvilla.com, a website to buy a house in Spain in a safe and secure way.

My name is Fred Heeneman and I am living in Spain since 1976. That is quite a long time ago and fortunately I have not been standing still. In the meantime, I have learned a few things, worked here and there and learned the Spanish language. During this period I also had the time to understand Spanish habits and lifestyle and to partly adopt them (only the good things 😉).

It is also important to understand how people do business here and to explain that to you, as perhaps a newcomer to Spain.

… What I can do for you:

Buying a house in Spain is an important decision and therefore you want to be sure that the chosen property will not give any unpleasant surprises. This is where know-how and honesty come into play. The experience of more than 20 years in the Spanish real estate sector and our flawless cooperation with architects, engineers, notaries, lawyers and banks bring us to the ideal relationship to bring your real estate project to a perfect and happy end. All important and necessary information about the project of your interest will be checked and reported to you.

Regardless of whether you buy a property (a house, plot or business) through us or through someone else, we can check the legality of the project for you. Please send us an email for more information if you would just like to request this inspection.